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Why Jazz Media
Why Jazz Media

Jazz Media represents a change in communication paradigm. A call to break out of silos. Jazz Media is a result of its founders’ impassioned commitment to go beyond the way marketing is done in India, giving companies a far more satisfying, enriching and insightful return on every marketing rupee spent.

We value our clients’ time and money, so our approach emphasizes a closed loop measurement system that delivers what we are paid to deliver – results. We are very methodical in the way we execute things. Yet we have an extremely open environment where we let ideas and creativity flourish.

From "Lean-Back, Captive" to "Lean-Forward, Engaged"

Jazz Media’ Lean-Forward & Engaged philosophy means providing a communicative platform whereby consumers can “talk” and propagate the brand image to places where no advertising campaign can possibly take you. We enable you put the Lean Forward media in action to design & execute engaging marketing campaigns. This philosophy assumes that the consumer doesn’t want to be a mere passive receptor of the advertising slogans. He has the will and the ability to contribute in taking the brand narrative forward in a highly constructive way.

jazz Media picks your marketing operation and molds it with five basic tenets – Brand Alignment, Excitement Quotient, Acquisition Quotient, Repeat Purchase and Brand Resonance – of the Lean Forward Media.



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